Mr. Sabato's Best of the Web for Education 2

Best of the Web: World History


Mayan Art     The Ancient Mayas 

The Maya: Textbook Support
     This is the Pearson/Prentice Hall web support for Chapter 7, The Maya.  Find vocabulary flash cards, practice quizes, maps, and enrichment activities.  Study guides are also available to print out.

Daily Life of the Maya
    Learn the basics of daily Mayan life.  Explore maps, heiroglyphs and games.

Mayan Ball Game
     In this site you will explore maps of the Mayan lands, view pictures of their cities and ball courts, see a clay model of a ball court, and play a game in which you win by showing your knowledge of the Maya. 

Mayan Photo Archive
     Click on the site icons to see a collection of pictures to take a virtual tour of the Mayan lands. 

Secret of the Maya Glyphs
     At this National Geographic site you enter your name and then join an expedition to a Mayan Pyramid.  Click your way through the adventure.

Mysteries of the Maya
      This site was designed as a companion to the Imax movie of the same name.  It takes you on a tour of the Mayan Civilization with an excellent set of photographs.  It also takes you to exhibits on the Pyramid Plaza at the Canadian Museum of Civilizations.

Lessons, Activities, and Links on the Maya
     Learn all about the Maya with this is a great collection of information, lessons, activities and links from 42Explore.

Web Links on the Maya
     A nice selection of web sites about Mayan history.